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    French and Scandinavian books from 1800-1960, they feature everything from Victorian-era embossed leather spines to mid-century modern cloth bindings. Classics, these books are all original and available in both pre-selected sets and by the book.

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    English novels from 1970-2010, beautifully rebound into designer colors, patterns, styles, and textures. New spine and coordinating front and back covers, professionally rebound for a wonderful designer look.

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World's Largest Decorative Book Supplier

We offer a rich selection of antique, vintage, and contemporary designer books at unbeatable prices. Whether decorating a modern chic apartment or a baroque-inspired library, our diverse range of book styles can enhance any room's decor.

Our antique and vintage books from the early 1800's to the late 1960's include such eras and styles as Victorian, French art-nouveau, and Scandinavian mid-century. Not reproductions, these are original books, some of which have well over a hundred years of use. A slightly worn and distressed condition is not just expected, but a highly sought after quality of some older books.

The designer book sets, English language and published from 1970-2010, have been rebound for more polished, contemporary looks. Our in-house design team creates sets that can be worked into almost any design scheme. We believe our product reflects the increasingly eclectic tastes of designers.

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