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Welcome to LeatherBooks.com

Our Antique decorative leather books are original antique books ranging from 50-150 years old. They are perfect for decorative and display purposes, and are not in English. The Designer Parchment Collections are designed and manufactured by us, using only the best Designer Parchment and gold hand made, marbleized paper on every book. They are in English and have various content, but are not Antique. What a great addition to any Library or bookcase. This Collection is offered in Natural, Green and Gray.

The Antique books are not reproductions of old used books, but are the original leather books used during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Due to the original nature of these beautiful leather-bound books, each is unique as to color, character, and condition.

Slightly worn and tattered is standard for the Antique Collection of wonderful leather books. If you are an Interior Designer or Home Furnishings or Accessory Retailer, please register in order to receive To-The-Trade Pricing. Pricing shown on the Order Page are Retail prices.

Some Interior Designers search for suppliers that sell books by the foot, or books by the yard. Due to the quality of our books, we sell by the book, in pre-selected quantities. We know you will love our books and our service! Thank you for visiting, LeatherBooks.com - The Interior Designer's Resource!

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