Antique Leatherbound Book, Single

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European leather-bound books with gilt detailing in various authors and publishers dating from 50 - 150 years old. These decorative books are various novels and dictionaries in Swedish or Danish. The light wear and weathering shows the character of their years.

By-the-book ordering allows you to choose any amount you need for your project. When determining how many are needed, a great rule of thumb is 9 books per linear foot of bookshelf. So if you have a 4 foot shelf to fill, choose between 36 and 40 books. We sell by-the-book, as we have found this will save you approximately 20% verses buying by-the-foot. With every order, we pull approximately 25% small (about 3/4" thick), 50% medium (about 1-1/4" thick) and 25% large (about 2" thick). Large volume orders will include sets. Colors, age and condition will vary.

Most large Design Firms order 100-1000 as stock for their Designers, to then pull for their specific projects.

If you have special requirements then please browse the pre-selected sets collections, which have been assembled by our Designers in various quantities and colorways.

Please call us or email for special request.